2016 Election

Recognising the home as a centre of care

In early 2016 the people of Ireland will go to the polls to elect a new Dáil.

This is a real opportunity to ensure that those elected recognise the home as a centre of care.

Home is a special place and we know that those with care needs want to continue living and being cared for in their own homes and communities for as long as possible.

At Local Government level, reforms are set to increase the power of local authorities. Now more than ever, Local Government has a critical role to play in ensuring that Family Carers have the resources, services and supports necessary to care with confidence at home.

The European elections provide a similar opportunity. The European Parliament has been a force for significant social change in Ireland. Some of the most progressive advances for people with disabilities, children and women have come through European Conventions and Legislation. The Carers Association believes that the time is ripe for the European Parliament to play an important role in supporting Family Carers and in recognising the home as a centre of care.

We need Local Government Councillors and MEPs who are ambitious about what they can do to support care in the home.

That’s why we’re encouraging you take action by asking those running for election key questions.

Find out how you can take action during these elections. By taking part you’ll be joining people all over Ireland determined that those elected are committed to recognising and supporting the home as a centre of care.

Why not download and print out our election toolkit and canvas card to share with interested friends and to have at the ready when canvassers call.