IT Skills

Computers Like…tablet

We have all been updating our computer skills as part of this project.  Its important to keep up to date as much as possible. Some of us have advanced computer skills, some needed “computers for the terrified” and the rest of us are somewhere in between.

The terrified amongst us found it useful to learn about using a computer, key board, writing a document, mouse, skype and email.  But we have a long ways to go!

At the same time we feel strongly that many systems in today’s world are very difficult for the older generation. We didn’t grow up in a computer world and yet we are expected to function at a high level filling out online forms, using the internet, online shopping, banking and all the rest of it.  Not to mention long queues on phone lines and trying to hear which number to choose next…press 1 for department x, press 2 for department y, press 3 for department 4 and so on.  It can be a nightmare and there is very little consideration for older people. Lets not even talk about the banks!!!

Having said that we enjoyed the computer classes and we are grateful to our tutor Greg and to Cork City Library for allowing us to use their room.